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If any of you who have blogs (all one of you that I know) are ever at a loss as to what to post, try here. Of course, random posts dont always make sense, as in this one:

I totally adore my niece Beth. Occasionally she is quite weird, and today she just intrigued me… I could really use her help watching a TV show about standards of beauty on the African subcontinent, and then she interrupted:

Whoa! If I hear another thing about the African subcontinent I’m going to shoot somebody!

At first I began yelling “THAT’S AMAZING!” then later I just subsided and began sobbing. After all, she *is* my niece and she should know better…

Link of the day: All Your Oil… “

or this one

“Last week my friend and I were watching a TV show about standards of beauty of the European lowlands. We were really fascinated by that stuff, so we asked my friend Tasha about it, and she interrupted:”Get out!.. Dude! I love the European lowlands so much!

But then when my friend and I got to the part about the standards of beauty, Tasha quieted down and began picking her nose. But just now, Tasha’ s niece told me that the reason Tasha was so freaked out was because she had to study standards of beauty in class. Sometimes Tasha can be a little stupid like that, but she wants what is best for me… “

On the other hand, I think I’ll just stick with writing my own posts.

Crafts, technical problems, college, ramblings

Yesterday, I built a paper towel holder to mount under our cabinet at home. We already had one made out of metal, but it wa s spring loaded, and if you were not careful ripping the towel, you ended up pulling the whole roll off the holder, and unrolling it halfway across the kitchen. So I decided to build this one. The only thing that still needs to be done is to stain it to match the cabinets. Not bad, for one day’s work, except maybe I should have drawn up a grand plan, with measurements, before I started.

Then I went to post the pictures of it (HERE), and discovered my navbar had stopped working. Turns out, when I added the pictures from Grammie’s Birthday party, I had one missing quote, ” instead of “”, and so the whole thing stopped working right. Don’t you love computers?
Five minutes later, it was fixed, but it’s still annoying.

I was supposed to make some progress in cleaning my room today (before I depart for college, and the room gets another use), and should leave for work in an hour, so it’s probably time to sign off.

Or not..a few more thoughts. A&J now has a website, although it is definitely one of the poorer sites i have seen, design wise.

And I got my (college) roommate assignment today. I have an e-mail address for him, but have no clue what to say/write, etc. I always hate meeting new people, and especially hate trying to make new friends. I think I’ll probably wait a few days, and see if he does anything, and put it off for a few days. He’s from Kansas, so he’ll probably get the letter tomorrow.

Okay, off to my room I go, to attempt to rearrange things so it looks cleaner. (How many people actually clean their rooms? Perhaps I should…it’s been at least since high school, if not longer! And I really should go.


Dumb Blondes — Is there some truth?

Yahoo! News – Do Dumb Blonde Jokes Slow Mental Activity??

Okay, no offense to any blondes out there, but this study shows that after you are exposed to a dumb blonde joke, blondes think slower. (They think that it’s so that you won’t mess up and perpetuate the myth.)

But it is not totaly a myth–I’ve seen a few blondes who are not terribly intelligent. However, I know some very smart blondes, too.

Let’s see how far I can go in trying to make a point without offending anyone. Another paragraph? I think not

Over the river, and through the woods…

I found myself huming this tune this morning, and if I get to count I-5 as the woods, I suppose it’s true. I’ll be crossing the Columbia, and going to my grandmother’s house today for her birthday, and coming back tomorrow. All the grandchildren will be there, and it should be fun.–It’s only a two hour drive.

I need to pack a few other clothes, as we will be sleeping in a tent in the backyard (small house), so that’s all for today.
Sorry I don’t post more often–I’ m just busy, and then when I have time, I usually decde to read a book instead of work on the computer.

Mondegreens Ripped My Flesh–Err, cool site anyway

Mondegreens Ripped My Flesh

Here’s a cool site about mondegreens, that is, cases where something was mis-heard as something else. For example, the Hendrix lyric “excuse me while I kiss the sky” is often mis-heard as “Excuse me while I kiss this guy”. Follow this link to find many, MANY more. (And learn how they got their names.)

Okay, I may be unusual, but I spent the better part of two hours here, and only quit because it’s kind of late, right now…..