Roommate Relations

I was browsing the blogosphere, and I found this rather humorous excerpt:

so my roommate has been leaving her towel draped over the shower instead of on her towel rack. i’ve moved it three times this week so that i can shower, and this morning it was there a fourth time. she wasn’t there, so i couldn’t say anything. instead, i put a post it on her towel that said ‘i’m lost,’ and another one on the rack that said ‘i’m so lonely.’ i told chris about it and i thought i was pretty clever.
i get home tonight, and sure enough, she moved her towel. then i went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and my dishes in the sink say ‘i’m lost,’ and the dishwasher says ‘i’m so lonely.’

i’ve trained her well.

Swiped from someone named Sarah.

The New York Times > Absentee Votes Worry Officials as Nov. 2 Nears

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Fraud: Absentee Votes Worry Officials as Nov. 2 Nears

Wow. And I thought it was secure to vote by absentee ballot. Apparently, some people are collecting ballots, and then may throw them away if they vote the wrong way, or collect and discard ballots from neighborhoods that are traditionally of the party opposte theirs. Other people are paid with jobs at polling places. Political parties are even allowed to collect ballots in some states. That’s just asking for a dishonest person to alter/replace some ballots.

Conspiracy theory, anyone?

Milwaukee Urban Star : Digital Audio Project in Realtime : NPS Cyberspace : Jim Engeriser, Joe Brenny, Mary Collen, Ed Embrose, Roy G. Biv

If you want to see some pretty interesting information, click over to this post. They have a whole collection of facts that indicate that 9/11 was all part of a conspiracy. I know it sounds crazy, but assuming all the facts presented are true (of which I make no promises/accusations), it’s a pretty damning argument against the Bushes. Funny how these theories just now came up, but then again, it’s all a big set of coincidences, right?