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Yesterday, I built a paper towel holder to mount under our cabinet at home. We already had one made out of metal, but it wa s spring loaded, and if you were not careful ripping the towel, you ended up pulling the whole roll off the holder, and unrolling it halfway across the kitchen. So I decided to build this one. The only thing that still needs to be done is to stain it to match the cabinets. Not bad, for one day’s work, except maybe I should have drawn up a grand plan, with measurements, before I started.

Then I went to post the pictures of it (HERE), and discovered my navbar had stopped working. Turns out, when I added the pictures from Grammie’s Birthday party, I had one missing quote, ” instead of “”, and so the whole thing stopped working right. Don’t you love computers?
Five minutes later, it was fixed, but it’s still annoying.

I was supposed to make some progress in cleaning my room today (before I depart for college, and the room gets another use), and should leave for work in an hour, so it’s probably time to sign off.

Or not..a few more thoughts. A&J now has a website, although it is definitely one of the poorer sites i have seen, design wise.

And I got my (college) roommate assignment today. I have an e-mail address for him, but have no clue what to say/write, etc. I always hate meeting new people, and especially hate trying to make new friends. I think I’ll probably wait a few days, and see if he does anything, and put it off for a few days. He’s from Kansas, so he’ll probably get the letter tomorrow.

Okay, off to my room I go, to attempt to rearrange things so it looks cleaner. (How many people actually clean their rooms? Perhaps I should…it’s been at least since high school, if not longer! And I really should go.


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  1. Your letter/note doesn’t have to be complicated. He probably doesn’t know what to say, either. Just drop him a line, something simple to say whatsup. Maybe he’ll write back with more info.

    You are so funny! A: The constant pictures of EVERYTHING! I love it! Good idea with the paper towel holder, by the way. B: That most recent post. I have a feeling I missed some sort of inside jokes there, but that just made the whole bit seem more random. Fun stuff.

    And no. I don’t clean my room. I SHOULD clean my room, I’ve been MEANING to clean my room, but I haven’t done it in months. Maybe if people would just leave me alone for a little while, I could relax and have enough me-time to be comfortable squandering some portion of that on room maintainance (in the interest of not hearing mysterious crunching noises when I have to get up in the dark). I really shouldn’t complain, but it feels like I’m still in school sometimes….

    But you probably should straighten up a bit before you move out.

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