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I was browsing through my archives, and I stumbled across this old meme that I used to do–thought I’d try again. Seeing as I haven’t posted in some time, I’m sure it’s not a very fitting update, but perhaps there will be more of an update later this week–it is spring break, after all. I Was scheduled to go camping this weekend, but the weather was forecast to be so bad, the trip was canceled–and it was probably a good thing–it would have been cold and miserable, with touches of snow. But on to the meme.

The premise is simple–look at the first word, and type the first thing that comes to your mind:

  1. Displacement::shift
  2. Grease monkey::wrench
  3. Vacancy::open
  4. Conquer::ceasar
  5. Payroll::check
  6. Personal::life
  7. Housewife::life
  8. Lateral::line
  9. Tissue::kleenex
  10. Multiplication::times

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Unconcious Mutterings

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