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If any of you who have blogs (all one of you that I know) are ever at a loss as to what to post, try here. Of course, random posts dont always make sense, as in this one:

I totally adore my niece Beth. Occasionally she is quite weird, and today she just intrigued me… I could really use her help watching a TV show about standards of beauty on the African subcontinent, and then she interrupted:

Whoa! If I hear another thing about the African subcontinent I’m going to shoot somebody!

At first I began yelling “THAT’S AMAZING!” then later I just subsided and began sobbing. After all, she *is* my niece and she should know better…

Link of the day: All Your Oil… “

or this one

“Last week my friend and I were watching a TV show about standards of beauty of the European lowlands. We were really fascinated by that stuff, so we asked my friend Tasha about it, and she interrupted:”Get out!.. Dude! I love the European lowlands so much!

But then when my friend and I got to the part about the standards of beauty, Tasha quieted down and began picking her nose. But just now, Tasha’ s niece told me that the reason Tasha was so freaked out was because she had to study standards of beauty in class. Sometimes Tasha can be a little stupid like that, but she wants what is best for me… “

On the other hand, I think I’ll just stick with writing my own posts.

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