Hey, I’m still here

Does it seem to you that now that I got a new computer, I post less? I thought so. I sit down and say “let’s write a post, and then see the link on my personal homepage to someone’s blog, or the Aloof forum, and then end up wasting an hour, after which I go back to what I was doing, and never quite remember that I was going to write a post. Or (like this weekend) I decide I should write a post, and then the power has a surge, blinks, and the network is down half of Saturday and most of Sunday. I have fun online, though. One day, I got into a friendly competition with a gal from Canada, in the forum, to see who could post more nested quotes. Go look at this page, to get an idea what that looks like. That was pretty much the whole competition, but it was fun. I conceded in another thread, and DocD posted the next morning, to which Celtic also conceded. But I bore you.

I’ve done some pretty interesting things offline, too. Every Tuesday, we have hall mass. At the after mass social last Tuesday, a couple of guys decided that they should have a Villa campout. They ended camping out right outside my window. I went outside about 1:00 to talk for a few minutes, and came back in a few minutes before 2:00. I was just wearing a t-shirt, so it took an hour or so to get warmed back up. I’ m glad my grandmother made me a warm jean quilt! (Thanks, Grammie!)

That was the first of two (three?) nights where I was outside in the cold. The next night, I was riding back to the dorm after a meeting (about 9:30), and heard some loud music/voices from across campus. I rode over that way, and ended up spending the next two hours watching Spiderman 2. Good movie, but towards the end, the whole screen may shake (perhaps shiver is a better word). 🙂 The grass was kind of wet, though, and after the movie, I noticed that the seat of my bike was damp, so I guess some sort of dew or something had been coming down during the movie.

I hinted at three nights because after mass, they mentioned potential plans for another campout. Looks like it’s not happening, though. I got distracted in the last paragraph, so there’s about an hour between that line and these ones.

Tuesday afternoon, I went over to St. Mary’s, the student lounge, for a game of college bowl. Turns out there were only 4 of us total. We broke into two teams of two, and my team took three of four rounds. The game is similar to Knowledge bowl, or Jeopardy, in a sense. Each person has a buzzer, and a toss-up question is asked. The person who rings in first gets to answer the question, for 10 points. If you interrupted the reader to ring in, and get a wrong answer, your team loses 5 points. Otherwise, it’s a no loss situation, except that your team can only have one member ring in. This is where I was dominant. I think that I may have answered over 2/3 of the toss-ups, correctly. In fact, I know I never lost points, and can’t remember ever being wrong on a toss-up. After the toss up, the winning team is asked a question fro only their team, usually from 20-30 total points, often in multiple parts. Here we didn’t do as well, but good enough. Luckily these questions don’t cost points for wrong answers. I’ll be going to College Bowl every other Tuesday, and hopefully finding more participants. W could actually go as a team to a competition, or onto a TV broadcast. But we don’t have to, and will make the decision later.

Nik just went to bed, and I should probably follow suit–I can pull late nights for a while, but REALLY late nights catch up to me before too long. You know the feeling where you want to hold the pencil and write something, but your hand thinks it better to let go of the pencil and just rest on the paper? Sleep-deprivation right there. Luckily, I have my first class at 10:20 MWF, and 9:45 TR (Tues/Thur), so I don’t have to get up really early.

Off to bed, with a promise to TRY and be a bit more regular in my posting.



I know I promised an update soon, and I fully intended to post one on Friday, but things interfered.

This is an all day post. I wrote the first part sitting in a motel in Depoe Bay, OR (north of Newport), but I wrote the remainder throughout the day, until I posted and went to bed.

I came down here for my cousin Brendan’s wedding, yesterday. The ceremony was pretty nice, and they lucked into holding it outdoors. They had planned an outdoor wedding, but yesterday morning, it was really windy, and pouring down rain. I was told about the attempt to put up a tent, and in Brendan’s words, the tent rental guys “got scared when they saw the 40 mile an hour hail.” Apparently, the people they were renting the tent from decided that it was too windy, and refused to allow them to use the tent. That meant that they would be limited to the motel for covered facilities. The family of the bride had a large suite, and directly upstairs, Brendan and Allison had another large suite. All the furniture had been moved out of the living area, and the reception was held on two floors there.

They got lucky and hit a break in the weather about 20 minutes longer than the wedding, but they started the wedding about 19 minutes into the break–it started pouring not a minute after everyone got back inside–good, because of the lack of tent.

Only in college would you be sitting in the laundry room, typing a post in Notepad, because you want claim to the washer when they get here to empty it. I started one load, and someone else had come down and started a load, so there was only one washer for me. The other two that were full just finished, and I’m waiting for a person to empty them. If they don’t show up in a few minutes, I guess I’ll just pull their clothes out of the machine and set them somewhere else. Counting drying time, I’m already pushing midnight before I can start to fold/iron the clothes. Oh well, I wasn’t planning on going to bed early anyway.

Okay, time to take their clothes out of the washer…

Done. Now I have 25 minutes until the first washer is done. Hopefully, the owner of the clothes I took out doesn’t come until after then, because there is only one dryer open.
Ironing is fun, I just did my first shirt a few minutes ago while I was waiting for the first washer–Yes, I know that you don’t Iron before you wash, it was a clean shirt that I took to the wedding and wrinkled in the suitcase.

I guess I could go somewhere else for a few minutes…

Nik went to a meeting for a business fraternity tonight. He borrowed a shirt and tie from me. Turns out that was a good idea, he says, as they chewed out several other people for not having ties. He doesn’t have any ties here, but his parents are sending some out to him. (That reminds me-I need to check my mail after the weekend-I’m expecting a package sometime this week with a replacement stylus for my Palm Pilot–I lost mine!)

If you know me very well, that sentence was typical. I’m always remembering stuff I have to do/should have done/should be doing, and losing stuff (at least temporarily) is a common occurrence.

Anyway, Nik came back with an egg, which he has to carry around to class with him for a week. It’s a raw egg, as one person dropped theirs in the meeting, and it broke all over the floor of the classroom

I updated the website partly–I have a NEW! ()picture I can put after anything I add, and an UPDATE! () image for…you guessed it, updated stuff. I also ave a script that will stop displaying them after a week, so I won’t have a section that is NEW! for months on end. Ever noticed sites (or Radio Stations) like that? I have….

Tonight at 8:00, we had “Sunday Night at the Races”. This week, we had four people laying down on longboards (long skateboards), and a person pushing each of them by their feet. They had to race around the quad, and then switch positions, followed by another lap. Two groups collided halfway around, which sent one person head-first into the prickly bushes. Ouch!
(I should note that the quad is in full view of Mehling (girls dorm), and so that is an additional motive to compete, and a reason not to mind the prickly bushes so much, if you get my drift….

I probably should move on to something more productive–I’ll call this the end of the post and go fold laundry.


The New York Times > Absentee Votes Worry Officials as Nov. 2 Nears

The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Fraud: Absentee Votes Worry Officials as Nov. 2 Nears

Wow. And I thought it was secure to vote by absentee ballot. Apparently, some people are collecting ballots, and then may throw them away if they vote the wrong way, or collect and discard ballots from neighborhoods that are traditionally of the party opposte theirs. Other people are paid with jobs at polling places. Political parties are even allowed to collect ballots in some states. That’s just asking for a dishonest person to alter/replace some ballots.

Conspiracy theory, anyone?

Milwaukee Urban Star : Digital Audio Project in Realtime : NPS Cyberspace : Jim Engeriser, Joe Brenny, Mary Collen, Ed Embrose, Roy G. Biv

If you want to see some pretty interesting information, click over to this post. They have a whole collection of facts that indicate that 9/11 was all part of a conspiracy. I know it sounds crazy, but assuming all the facts presented are true (of which I make no promises/accusations), it’s a pretty damning argument against the Bushes. Funny how these theories just now came up, but then again, it’s all a big set of coincidences, right?

Going wireless, drumming

I mentioned in my previous post that I got a laptop. Right now, I’m sitting in the library, at a table in the middle of the room. No wires, no cords, but still an internet connection. Wonderful. I’m told that he Campus is in the top ten finalists for a grant that will allow the entire campus to go wireless. That would mean that I could go anywhere on campus, and still check my e-mail, write a Blog post, and so on.

Funny thing I noticed last week–someone viewed my website from the University of Portland about two days before I got here. The referring link was from the forum on my free webhost-someone else here must be using aloofhosting. It’s a small world..

Went to the game, where the Pilots won 1-0. I got there about halftime, and joined up with the drum squad. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned the squad yet, so here goes.

Basically, lots of Villans bring lots of drums to all the home soccer games. We beat out rhythms, encourage the players, and heckle the other team. Today, #4 from the other team (UAB, which I think is University of Alabama Birmingham) kept having his shoe come untied. We looked in the program and found out that his name was Jason. And so every time his shoe was untied, we’d all yell for him to tie it, etc. Then came the offers to buy him velcro shoes, and so on. When a player subs out, we all chant Right, Left, Right as they walk off the field, and then ‘Sit down’ as they do. The two games I’ve been to, both times at least one player has gotten frustrated by us and taken a funny hop step, or several small steps in a row, or faked us out as to when he’s going to sit down.
Then we have the cheers. This game, towards the end, when we were up 1-0, we sang, to the tune of “Sweet Home Alabama”, the following. “Go home Alabama/Jason tie your shoe.” and so on. Every goal results in the Pilots flag being run down to the goal and dipped once for each point we have, as we count off each point. Then if their score is zero, we line up and sing , to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, something like the following: “One-nil, one-nil, one-nil, one-nil/one-nil, one-nil, one-nil/…”.

In general, we try to rattle the other team, and support the Pilots. I’m told that the legacy of the Villa Drum Squad is that no one likes coming to Portland to play. Apparently, the word is out. I’m told that Good Day Oregon, a morning talk show in the region, is intending to do a segment on the Squad, and may do an interview Wednesday. We’re going to be out in force for the first ever night game this Friday, and they may also be there to film us in action.

Lots of reading to do tonight, so that’s it until later.


PS: Not all technology is smart. While spell checking this post, Blogger Spell Ckeck didn’t recognize the word Blog. And Blogger’s only product is blogs!

New Computer!!

For the first time in a few weeks, I’m using a computer that I can do anything I want to on. My Dad and sister came in Sunday with my loft, and my laptop, which had been delivered to my Uncle Pete the a day or two previously. I’m having lots of fun setting it up properly. (Take that sentence literally, or with a hint of sarcasm, either way, you’ll be correct.)

My dad had built the loft at home, and then disassembled it for delivery. It took less than an hour to set up and everything. Then we went through all the stuff I had asked for, and all the stuff that Mom had decided to send out with them. I now have a fairly large stockpile of food, mainly crackers, granola bars, and fruit.

On my way back to the dorm after my last class, I noticed that the Men’s Soccer was playing again. I think I’ll make this a short post and wander over to see the rest of the game–it started at 2:30. I may even join up with the drum squad.

Go Pilots!


Not sure what I want to post, but here I am in the computer lab, starting a post.

I have about an hour until my next class, Calculus. I finished last classes homework last night, although it’s not due til Tuesday–I’m trying to avoid having the pile up of work that always seemed to happen in High school.

I sent a lengthy e-mail home Tuesday, here are some excerpts from that.

Well, things aren’t going too badly here. Got through a day’s worth of classes without any major trouble, except almost going to the wrong building–got it figured out when EN 201 wasn’t a classroom, and the schedule actually said SCI 201.

Homework looks to be light this week, at least in Physics and Intro Engineering. Math may be the same way–turns out that the integrated part is that the two teachers are working together, and will teach the math concept and the related physics concept at the same time. The same students are in both classes.

A major part of Intro to Eng. is the design project, and the related paperwork–we get to create a device to pick up whiffle balls. Don’t know too much, but it should become clearer in the next week–we find out our groups on Wed, and get our first real look at the playing area used on Fri.

Getting along with Nik fairly well so far, he got his half of the room more organized Sun, with another spree this afternoon. Not too muck junk on my side, yet. He bought a TV, an will soon hook up his X-box, so volume may increase–there’s study rooms in the basement, and this computer lab, which, for the most part, is vacant. There’s five computers, all brand new (as the Tech guy was saying) and four up and running. The printer doesn’t work yet.

…time seems to be flying by here. I can hardly believe that I’ve only slept here three nights–Nik and I had a long conversation about that last night, and we couldn’t decide how many nights we’d been here, and when we’d gone to bed, and so on. There was a hall meeting last night, about the Bishop, the statue, and another tonight about general stuff. Meetings tend to be later here, and then everything starts about 15 minutes late. The Comedy Sportz show, which I went to last night,
started late, which caused it to run late, and they noticed that all of a sudden, lots of people started to leave. I don’t know if they figured out that it was because of the meeting, or not. The show wasn’t as good as last time I saw them, a lot slower paced, and generally not quite as engaging–I WAS in the top row of the main seats in the Chiles Center, though–last time I was near the middle of Buckley Center Auditorium, (AKA BC Aud)…

And the message continued.

I’ve been meaning to update my website, now that I’m in college, but haven’t gotten around to it–let it be known that an update is intended. I didn’t realize how dificult it is to not have your own computer. I do have a network storage drive, but preferences, favorites, programs, etc are not there when I log on. It’s also just plain inconvenient to wander down tho the basement to check my e-mail, or see what the assignment is in one of my classes.

For the most part, everything here is high-tech. Professors expect you to check your UP e-mail daily, because they may send out changes to the assignment, reminders about assignments, changes in class meetings, etc. So far, I haven’t gotten anything important, except the notification of a room change.

As I mentioned in the e-mail home, my Calculus class and my physics class are integrated. That means that they are taught in the same room. However, the registrar hasn’t quite figured out that fact that they are integrated, and so assigned the Calc class to a different room. So the whole class was waiting outside Franz 018, while the teachers were in SCI 201. They noticed something was wrong, and then checked the schedule. So a few minutes after class was to start, a peer helper–the name for a student who’s taken the course before, and is helping out, rather like a lab assistant–showed up and led the parade of Calc students back to the correct room. The class could be fun–we’ll be using Mathematica, a math program, to do a lot of data analysis, and graphing type stuff–there’s a computer on every lab bench.

Amazing how distracted one can get online–I just checked Brionna’s blog, and folowed the link to her cousin Miranda‘s collection of blogs and LiveJournals. Interesting mix of young teen thoughts there. Then I went back to Brionna’s blog to comment there.

Now it’s time for lunch, and calc.