1 thought on “Young Voices: The Draft, Brionna’s opinion

  1. Thanks, you’re nice. I feel like I could have supported my points a lot more strongly, but the article wasn’t originally written for the paper. It was an assignment for English class, and I got kind of fed up with it (she gave EXCEEDINGLY vague instructions, so I just wanted to finish the stupid thing). She asked me to publish it later, and I was too swamped at the time to really revise it. Downside, it caused some debate within my family. Upside, I got paid $15 from the paper for writing it–I may have to do this again sometime. And my Grandma asked me when I was going to run for President. Granted, my Grandma isn’t especially politically discerning, but it’s a sweet thought.

    How’d you find it anyway? Do I actually know someone who reads the paper? GASP! Or did I tell you and just forget? In any case, thanks for reading it.

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