Mondegreens Ripped My Flesh–Err, cool site anyway

Mondegreens Ripped My Flesh

Here’s a cool site about mondegreens, that is, cases where something was mis-heard as something else. For example, the Hendrix lyric “excuse me while I kiss the sky” is often mis-heard as “Excuse me while I kiss this guy”. Follow this link to find many, MANY more. (And learn how they got their names.)

Okay, I may be unusual, but I spent the better part of two hours here, and only quit because it’s kind of late, right now…..

2 thoughts on “Mondegreens Ripped My Flesh–Err, cool site anyway

  1. heheh, what happened to the eleven o’clock computer curfew, dude? Whateva. Hey, my aunt has a whole book of those misheard quotations. It’s pretty cool. And sad. People are so stupid…

  2. Well, it depends on how quiet I am, and the interest level of the book my mom is reading at the time. That might, she wa tired and went to bed before eleven.

    And of course, like many parental policies, they get less strict over time.

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