New Computer!!

For the first time in a few weeks, I’m using a computer that I can do anything I want to on. My Dad and sister came in Sunday with my loft, and my laptop, which had been delivered to my Uncle Pete the a day or two previously. I’m having lots of fun setting it up properly. (Take that sentence literally, or with a hint of sarcasm, either way, you’ll be correct.)

My dad had built the loft at home, and then disassembled it for delivery. It took less than an hour to set up and everything. Then we went through all the stuff I had asked for, and all the stuff that Mom had decided to send out with them. I now have a fairly large stockpile of food, mainly crackers, granola bars, and fruit.

On my way back to the dorm after my last class, I noticed that the Men’s Soccer was playing again. I think I’ll make this a short post and wander over to see the rest of the game–it started at 2:30. I may even join up with the drum squad.

Go Pilots!


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