I know I promised an update soon, and I fully intended to post one on Friday, but things interfered.

This is an all day post. I wrote the first part sitting in a motel in Depoe Bay, OR (north of Newport), but I wrote the remainder throughout the day, until I posted and went to bed.

I came down here for my cousin Brendan’s wedding, yesterday. The ceremony was pretty nice, and they lucked into holding it outdoors. They had planned an outdoor wedding, but yesterday morning, it was really windy, and pouring down rain. I was told about the attempt to put up a tent, and in Brendan’s words, the tent rental guys “got scared when they saw the 40 mile an hour hail.” Apparently, the people they were renting the tent from decided that it was too windy, and refused to allow them to use the tent. That meant that they would be limited to the motel for covered facilities. The family of the bride had a large suite, and directly upstairs, Brendan and Allison had another large suite. All the furniture had been moved out of the living area, and the reception was held on two floors there.

They got lucky and hit a break in the weather about 20 minutes longer than the wedding, but they started the wedding about 19 minutes into the break–it started pouring not a minute after everyone got back inside–good, because of the lack of tent.

Only in college would you be sitting in the laundry room, typing a post in Notepad, because you want claim to the washer when they get here to empty it. I started one load, and someone else had come down and started a load, so there was only one washer for me. The other two that were full just finished, and I’m waiting for a person to empty them. If they don’t show up in a few minutes, I guess I’ll just pull their clothes out of the machine and set them somewhere else. Counting drying time, I’m already pushing midnight before I can start to fold/iron the clothes. Oh well, I wasn’t planning on going to bed early anyway.

Okay, time to take their clothes out of the washer…

Done. Now I have 25 minutes until the first washer is done. Hopefully, the owner of the clothes I took out doesn’t come until after then, because there is only one dryer open.
Ironing is fun, I just did my first shirt a few minutes ago while I was waiting for the first washer–Yes, I know that you don’t Iron before you wash, it was a clean shirt that I took to the wedding and wrinkled in the suitcase.

I guess I could go somewhere else for a few minutes…

Nik went to a meeting for a business fraternity tonight. He borrowed a shirt and tie from me. Turns out that was a good idea, he says, as they chewed out several other people for not having ties. He doesn’t have any ties here, but his parents are sending some out to him. (That reminds me-I need to check my mail after the weekend-I’m expecting a package sometime this week with a replacement stylus for my Palm Pilot–I lost mine!)

If you know me very well, that sentence was typical. I’m always remembering stuff I have to do/should have done/should be doing, and losing stuff (at least temporarily) is a common occurrence.

Anyway, Nik came back with an egg, which he has to carry around to class with him for a week. It’s a raw egg, as one person dropped theirs in the meeting, and it broke all over the floor of the classroom

I updated the website partly–I have a NEW! ()picture I can put after anything I add, and an UPDATE! () image for…you guessed it, updated stuff. I also ave a script that will stop displaying them after a week, so I won’t have a section that is NEW! for months on end. Ever noticed sites (or Radio Stations) like that? I have….

Tonight at 8:00, we had “Sunday Night at the Races”. This week, we had four people laying down on longboards (long skateboards), and a person pushing each of them by their feet. They had to race around the quad, and then switch positions, followed by another lap. Two groups collided halfway around, which sent one person head-first into the prickly bushes. Ouch!
(I should note that the quad is in full view of Mehling (girls dorm), and so that is an additional motive to compete, and a reason not to mind the prickly bushes so much, if you get my drift….

I probably should move on to something more productive–I’ll call this the end of the post and go fold laundry.


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