Hey, I’m still here

Does it seem to you that now that I got a new computer, I post less? I thought so. I sit down and say “let’s write a post, and then see the link on my personal homepage to someone’s blog, or the Aloof forum, and then end up wasting an hour, after which I go back to what I was doing, and never quite remember that I was going to write a post. Or (like this weekend) I decide I should write a post, and then the power has a surge, blinks, and the network is down half of Saturday and most of Sunday. I have fun online, though. One day, I got into a friendly competition with a gal from Canada, in the forum, to see who could post more nested quotes. Go look at this page, to get an idea what that looks like. That was pretty much the whole competition, but it was fun. I conceded in another thread, and DocD posted the next morning, to which Celtic also conceded. But I bore you.

I’ve done some pretty interesting things offline, too. Every Tuesday, we have hall mass. At the after mass social last Tuesday, a couple of guys decided that they should have a Villa campout. They ended camping out right outside my window. I went outside about 1:00 to talk for a few minutes, and came back in a few minutes before 2:00. I was just wearing a t-shirt, so it took an hour or so to get warmed back up. I’ m glad my grandmother made me a warm jean quilt! (Thanks, Grammie!)

That was the first of two (three?) nights where I was outside in the cold. The next night, I was riding back to the dorm after a meeting (about 9:30), and heard some loud music/voices from across campus. I rode over that way, and ended up spending the next two hours watching Spiderman 2. Good movie, but towards the end, the whole screen may shake (perhaps shiver is a better word). 🙂 The grass was kind of wet, though, and after the movie, I noticed that the seat of my bike was damp, so I guess some sort of dew or something had been coming down during the movie.

I hinted at three nights because after mass, they mentioned potential plans for another campout. Looks like it’s not happening, though. I got distracted in the last paragraph, so there’s about an hour between that line and these ones.

Tuesday afternoon, I went over to St. Mary’s, the student lounge, for a game of college bowl. Turns out there were only 4 of us total. We broke into two teams of two, and my team took three of four rounds. The game is similar to Knowledge bowl, or Jeopardy, in a sense. Each person has a buzzer, and a toss-up question is asked. The person who rings in first gets to answer the question, for 10 points. If you interrupted the reader to ring in, and get a wrong answer, your team loses 5 points. Otherwise, it’s a no loss situation, except that your team can only have one member ring in. This is where I was dominant. I think that I may have answered over 2/3 of the toss-ups, correctly. In fact, I know I never lost points, and can’t remember ever being wrong on a toss-up. After the toss up, the winning team is asked a question fro only their team, usually from 20-30 total points, often in multiple parts. Here we didn’t do as well, but good enough. Luckily these questions don’t cost points for wrong answers. I’ll be going to College Bowl every other Tuesday, and hopefully finding more participants. W could actually go as a team to a competition, or onto a TV broadcast. But we don’t have to, and will make the decision later.

Nik just went to bed, and I should probably follow suit–I can pull late nights for a while, but REALLY late nights catch up to me before too long. You know the feeling where you want to hold the pencil and write something, but your hand thinks it better to let go of the pencil and just rest on the paper? Sleep-deprivation right there. Luckily, I have my first class at 10:20 MWF, and 9:45 TR (Tues/Thur), so I don’t have to get up really early.

Off to bed, with a promise to TRY and be a bit more regular in my posting.


4 thoughts on “Hey, I’m still here

  1. Wohoo, I got a mention in your Blog 😛 That was a fun night, wasn’t it? Gee, that sounds bad…:looks around innocently:

    Your College Bowl sounds a lot like the Reach for the Top team I was on in high school. Sadly, there wasn’t anything like that at my college or University — they waited until I left to introduce it. Sounds like a lot of fun though, and a great way to meet people.

    And finally, why did schools arbitrarily decide to use R to indicate Thursdays on the schedule? My university did it too….odd, very odd.


  2. Wow. I didn’t know anyone from Aloof really looked at my blog. I haven’t even checked out your site for a while now.

    Okay, now I have. Like the new layout.

    As to the R thing–who knows why. They didn’t use T because that was taken, but H or U would have worked. No matter what they use, it’s bound to be confusing. They actually made an announcement at one of the sessions all freshman were required to attend at the orientation so we wouldn’t decide that TR meant ThuRsday, and miss Tuesday’s class.

    College bowl would be a way to meet people, if people came. Like I alluded, we had a grand turnout of four students, and two advisors. But we’ll just have to drag some other people along with us to the meetings. I’m just wondering if I should become a little less smart at the meetings–I feel like I might scare people away. (Not that I’m really doing that well, I’m just used to ringing in when I think I know the answer, rather than when the question’s done, or when I DO know. Too bad you didn’t have it at College, it’s a great program.

    You know, most of this should go in a new post. But in the attitude of the AlooForum, I don’t really care.


  3. It’s actually the first time I read your blog. It’s like you’re reading something you know you shouldn’t, with some of them.

    I haven’t been too great with updating my site, lately. I’ve been having ftp problems and I can’t seem to get it working again. But new stuff is saved, so it should be updated soon. (fingers crossed)

    Keep answering at the College Bowl — girls like guys who are confident and know stuff. One of my biggest crushes was the biggest nerd on our Reach for the Top team. Mind you, he wasn’t arrogant about it. Just be friendly, and try posting ads about it in the school paper (if you have free section for that type of thing — our paper called it the “unclassifieds”. The stuff in it was so funny that people actually read it).


  4. “It’s actually the first time I read your blog. It’s like you’re reading something you know you shouldn’t, with some of them.”

    I think I had better clarify that — I mean with some of the blogs that are on the ‘net, not specifically entries in your blog.

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