Roommate Relations

I was browsing the blogosphere, and I found this rather humorous excerpt:

so my roommate has been leaving her towel draped over the shower instead of on her towel rack. i’ve moved it three times this week so that i can shower, and this morning it was there a fourth time. she wasn’t there, so i couldn’t say anything. instead, i put a post it on her towel that said ‘i’m lost,’ and another one on the rack that said ‘i’m so lonely.’ i told chris about it and i thought i was pretty clever.
i get home tonight, and sure enough, she moved her towel. then i went to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and my dishes in the sink say ‘i’m lost,’ and the dishwasher says ‘i’m so lonely.’

i’ve trained her well.

Swiped from someone named Sarah.

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