There’s good..

…in putting on some good music, disconnecting your brain, and playing something like minesweeper from muscle memory

…in meditating on your life, and any issues/events that may be happening.

The danger is in doing both at the same time. I always walk away from one of those sessions feeling as if life is just a big, but trivial, game. Not exactly the best outlook.

Two days

I can’t believe it–there’s only two days left until I go back to UP! I’ve been packing the last few days, but haven’t really accomplished much, other than moving things from one place to another. I intend to make serous progress packing clothes today, and maybe the worst of the mess will start to go a way and I can see what is left to pack. I’ve packed next to nothing of my computer stuff, but maybe I should start doing that, too.

I’m moving in earlier than most returning students by one day. I’m serving at the opening mass, which is on Saturday evening, for the freshmen. Because normal students don’t move in until Sunday, and they needed servers, I got an exemption to move in early. I e-mailed my roommate, but the campus e-mail is being upgraded this week, and so I’m not sure he got the e-mail, and even if he did, I wouldn’t get his reply back. I’d try and call him, but there’s no phone in the room, as I’m bringing it, so I guess I’m going to have to try and raise him on his cell phone.

I’m posting this post via e-mail, to see if I’ve fixed the issues with e-mail posts. If not, I’ll post this the normal way.

My sister got her braces off for the second time today. She had them at a really young age, and got them off somewhere around the 4th or 5th grade. But for a reason that I can’t quite remember right now, but one I’m pretty sure had something to do with getting a tooth pulled and things shifting out of alignment, she had to get them again. She got them off a week before her Senior year, this time.

I ought to get to packing again, so on with the testing.