Eye of the Tiger

Okay, I have no real explanation for why I decided to title my post that. I guess because I got a piece of dirt in my eye yesterday at work, and didn’t get it out until this morning. It didn’t hurt all that much, but once I got it out, it felt so much better. And the “of the Tiger” part probably comes from hearing that song on “Dancing with the Stars” Wednesday night–our family has taken a liking to it. I saw the first half of the premiere, and the last two or three weeks, but missed a few weeks in the middle. But it’s rather interesting, and fun to watch. The basic premise is that they got 6 celebrities, and 6 professional ballroom dancers, and paired them up, with one couple eliminated each week.

I’ve not been online much at all this week, due to working every day, and having received in the mail my computer games that I ordered. I ordered Sim City 3000 and Railroad Tycoon 3 on eBay, and I really like Tycoon. I haven’t even opened Sim City yet. I like these type of strategy/simulation games. The picture post has also been delayed for the above reasons, although I hope to post it later tonight.