Return of the (Drunken) Idiots

In about eight minutes, there will be an all hall, mandatory meeting. I can already hear Jake (my RA) hollering down the hall. I’m sure we’ll hear about this weekend. I’ll edit this post with details, and a scan from the campus newspaper when I get back.

The added part is below:

Villa has always been a proud hall. Our motto, translated from the Latin that is painted just inside the front door, is “Through these halls walk the proud men of Villa.” We’re simply the best on campus. We win all the inter-dorm competitions. We created and make up the entire drum squad, now such an integral part of the University that the President asked the squad to lead the parade across campus as part of his inauguration. Our bible study, called Stible Buddy, is the model for the other bible studies on campus. And we have the best fundraisers. We have the highest percentage of residents return to the hall every year, even more than Corrado, the newest dorm, which has showers that get warm, air conditioning, and doesn’t smell. The Man Auction raised over $17,000 this year. I saw an article in today’s paper that mentioned the top grossing fundraiser for another hall: $600!

In talking with other people about being from Villa, you might have to defend the all male atmosphere, or note that the residents weren’t really crazy, but it’s never been anything to be ashamed of to live in Villa. The hall staff used to brag that we had the fewest incident reports of any hall (2), and one of them was for when an RA accidentally cut his hand. Villa has always been a welcoming place. Many people from other dorms come over to hang out. I, and all residents always feel comfortable wandering the halls, talking to other residents, or just generally being here.

That all changed this weekend.

While I was out of town, at the retreat, a party was thrown in Villa, and was busted. Twice. Those throwing the party were in the wrong, and were figures of authority in the hall. The on Saturday, the second party was thrown, and many people holed up in their rooms and didn’t leave, because they feared getting in trouble if caught anywhere else in the dorm. Some people felt trapped in C wing because they did not want to pass through B wing, where the party was. Others left early for the Saturday night movie in BC Aud, and didn’t return until they were sure the party was over. I’m sure that many would-be visitors to the hall stayed away that night, too. Over 100 people checked into Villa in the span of an hour. This number of (drinking) people would certainly have reduced my feeling of security.

This feeling that one was not safe in their own homes, this was one of the worst things to come of the party. But worse, in the words of one person speaking to Fr. Pete, the Hall Director, “I was embarrassed to be a Villan.” I, too, am embarrassed to be part of the hall that threw the biggest party in memory.

The ones responsible for this are receiving their punishments. The RA who purchased the kegs has been dismissed from the University. He was a Senior, scheduled to graduate this spring. The student who hosted the party, the hall council president, has resigned his post, and faces his hearing late next week. Over 10 others received MIPs, and will be receiving their punishments. But not all who participated got what they deserve.

I think most people were affected by tonight’s plea to restore the Villa Pride, to restore the community and safety felt by all who enter this hall. But I fear that some will not hear the message. There are those for whom drinking is a normal activity. Many of their friends also drink. The Villa Pride and reputation may mean little to them, many are planning to live off campus next semester.

Please, do not look on the party, or the subsequent bust of the party, as a point of pride. It is not. As of now, people from other dorms feel welcome visiting, and do so frequently, as you all know. For at least this reason, We should collectively be ashamed of this weekend, and resolve not to let anything like it happen again. Do not host parties in the dorm. Do not attend parties in the dorm. If no one will attend a party, then none will be thrown here.

Let’s put this behind us.

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