I remember seeing this on someone else’s blog, and I thought I’d try it here.

Tell me a few things you want to see pictures of, and I will post them. My desk, Franz Hall, my bike, my left shoe, whatever. In all honesty, I’m interested to see what (if aything) is requested.


Yesterday seems to have been the day for my site ot hit it big with the search engines. I got 2 different hits on “Nathan Oliver” from google, and discovered that nathan oliver, even without quotes, is the number 10 page returned by Google, putting it on the first page. I also got 3 hits in my joke pages, including (strangely enough) two people searching on the exact text of the joke. I even got a hit on the search, which isn’t my address. Not quite sure how that happened. The last hit was a search for the name of one of the people I mentioned in the Track it Down piece.


I hate laundry. I did 5 loads today. All my clothes fit into 3, and then I washed my sweatshirts in the 4th and my sheet and towels in the 5th. We actually have a linen exchange here, but the bath towels are too small, and they don’t have fitted sheets. If I don’t have a fitted sheet, I have to completely re-make the bed every other day or so, and that’s impractical for a loft.


I’m not feeling particularly inspired today, so I’ll call that the entire post. I may do an Audioblog again, but I think I’ll need to think up some content. I can’tjust ramble on about it being my second test, and when speaking publicly, I need to develop a script to be coherent. Yes, I consider the phone to be public–I’m horrible at leaving a message unless I’ve planned ahead what the message will say. Anyone that’s gotten a clear message from me has had a hang-up as the caller just before.

But enough rambling….

3 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. You definitely need to post pics of what your half of the room looks like — your loftbed — is it the kind that has the bed up top and the desk underneath? That’s kinda cool, but a pain to make. And definitely not cool if you’re sick, drunk, or have overnight guests. I managed to avoid lofts/bunks the whole time I was in res. And what about what’s on your walls…anything interesting? c’mon — show where you spend all your time.

    And I’m so going to have to gank this.

  2. Wow–I just noticed that blogger changed the comment format.

    Anyway, pictures of the room will be forthcoming. Probably late Friday or over the weekend. I should have a bit of free time coming my way soon. Or rather, free time where I won’t feel guilty doing a blog post, instead of whatever else I should be doing.

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