Audiobloging, take 1

I discovered that I had a cell phone with free long distance, and that blogger offers free audioblogging. Just an intro, but this could be the start of something regular…

this is an audio post - click to play

EDIT: AudioBlogger stopped hosting the files, and I never did get around to downloading this one, so I guess it’s lost to eternity.

5 thoughts on “Audiobloging, take 1

  1. Dude — your voice is so much deeper than I’d expected. And you sound kinda like a radio guy! Which is supposed to be a compliment. But I know what you mean, thinking that it makes your voice sound a little higher — I think it’s the quality of the sound file getting a little jiggly. I should do one of these.

  2. Yeah, I know that how I think I sound is quite different from how I sound, as I find out when I speak into a microphone. But for some reason, it surprised me when I reviewed my first post on the phone.

    It’s strange that you should decide that I have a radio voice–My English teacher Jr and Sr year came to the same conclusion, and the rest of the class agreed. For a week or so, I did the morning announcements at our school, because the regular guy was sick, and the girl who was the alternate was in my class and didn’t want to do it. It’s actually fun, but I’m much better at public speaking if I have a script. Although getting into radio might be kinda interesting. I think I’d like to narrate one of those National Geographic specials. That would be fun.

  3. Two thumbs up. It sounded like you were jogging while audioblogging. Imagine kissing at the same time! Then you could be snogging while jogging while audioblogging. And foresooth, if someone interrupted you, you could whip them, and then you’d be flogging while snogging while jogging while audioblogging.

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