my bike!

I got up late Thursday, as I am likely to do later this morning, and had only a few minutes to get to the commons. I went downstairs to the bike room, and my bike wasn’t there. I’ve taken to not locking it inside the building, but it took only a few seconds to realize that I’d left it locked up somewhere else. I quickly went over to the Commons, arriving at 9:31 (closes at 9:30), but Twila is nice, and will let people in a minute or so late (usually). I then went to my 9:45 class, then had to remember where I’d left my bike. After a minute of figuring, I remembered that I’d ridden it to class Weds afternoon, and then walked home (to the dorm) with someone, forgetting all about the bike. I apparently didn’t notice that I didn’t have it when I went back to philosophy, either. I’d wanted to be a bit early, and was reading the text on the way over, so I walked. It’s hard to read while riding a bike–I tried once.

But as I was saying, when I first got my bike, I rode it everywhere, but then I realized that it’s kind of anti-social, and now use it when I’m late, or whatever, but don;t mind leaving it behind to walk with a group. I usually would only do that if I plan to get the bike later, like after Philosophy. Leaving it out overnight is not the best idea, especially because I only have one of the infamous Kryptonite Locks–If I ever get registered, they say they plan to ship free replacements starting in mid-October.

off to bed so I have time to eat breakfast this morning–I think it’s Belgian waffles, but maybe that was yesterday. (It’s so confusing referring to ‘yesterday’ after midnight and before you go to bed.)


3 thoughts on “my bike!

  1. First time I’ve misplaced my boke, so far. Likely to happen again, though. Misplacing a bike sureley sounds strange, but there’s so many racks around campus, and sometines the one next to the building you’re going to is full. Come to think of it, I mispaced it one other time, but not for so long. Turns out I’d just locked it near another building, and forgotten I’d done that.

    Kryptonite is the brand that set the standard for bike locks. It’s kind of like Kleenex, except that there are no other serious competitors. Which is a problem now that someone discovered that you can pick the lock with the hend of a Bic pen. I haven’t tested mine yet, but scouting around on the net, there’s a lot of people whi have.

    And no sweat about the article. I’m glad it will be useful. Was Amber Guardino from Mtn View or Heritage? I saw her around camous last week, but haven’t talked to her yet.

  2. And looking over that comment, I seem to like the O button a lot. You know…boke, camous. (bike, campus)

    I really should proofread my posts, though. Oh well, you already knew I wasn’t perfect.

  3. You lucky bum, you. Stupid college kids get to get up later for their stupid classes…

    Just kidding, of course. My humor doesn’t really come through just typing, which is annoying.

    I’ve never understood how you can misplace a bike. I’ve done it numerous times with my own, but I’m baffled every time.

    What is a Kryptonite Lock? I know I’ve heard of it, but is it something special or just a good brand?

    Oh, and I never thanked you for sending me that article. It was good, and I think I will make a bill for it, or at least share it with my delegation when it comes time for bill writing.

    I dropped out of sight for a while from sheer lack of time, but I read some of your old entries, and it sounds like you’re having a good time at school. Don’t even think about being less smart at College Bowl. As long as you don’t get arrogant about it (which I know you won’t) it won’t bother anybody that’s worth your time.

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