Quick thoughts

I finally figured out how to log on to the campus computers, from which I am posting. I wrote a few posts in a notebook, which I will type and post perhaps later this evening–I will probably date them before this post.

I am in Villa Maria Hall, a hall with lots of spirit. On my arrival here, there was a whole crew dressed up as pirates, to take luggage up to the rooms. I also had my picture taken with the Statue in the lobby, dressed up as a pirate. The residents of the hall call themselves the Villans, so that’s where the idea comes from.

On the roof of the dorm, there is the Villa Gorilla, and the front of the building has netting all over, with a pirate ship complete with a gangplank and cannons. There even is a sunken ship on the way up to the door, the HMS Christie–there is a long running rivalry against the folks in Christie Hall, for reasons of which I am not yet aware.

A long night last night, and I may stay up for a while this evening, and straighten out my room, or come down to the basement (where I am now) and post the older posts.

Off to the Opening Mass now, then off to dinner with my parents, in the dining hall (AKA The Commons).


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