Slowed down life–summary

Now that I’ve thoroughly covered my experience in the past few days, and not necessarily in order (see the end of College?–and an explanation), I still have more to say.

Last night’s sleep was not that bad, although limited (5-6 hrs) that’s partly my fault, and partly not–after we finished watching the video, I went back to my room and puttered around. Then I wrote the last journal/Blog entry, and then Nik came back, and I talked to him for a while before going to bed.

About the movie: It looks like I’m in for quite an experience. I don’t quite know what else to say–I guess I’ll mention things as they happen this year.

After I got up, I went to breakfast, which was just muffins and juice. Then I went to the second home-base session, which is basically my Intro to Engineering class, but we meet a few times this weekend. Funny thing is, the only thing we all have in common is our major, and the OAs (Orientation Assistants) they assigned to lead the group aren’t engineering majors at all. Oh well, any questions on that topic will just be saved for the professor tomorrow. We went over some stuff, and then went to a session on “What faculty expect.” Not too much new–don’t skip class/don’t be disruptive in class/participate in class/visit the professor during office hours/get help before you’re drowning/don’t plagiarize (intentional or not)/manage time wisely/study during the day, and use the night for other activities(you learn best in the 12 hours after you wake up). Lots of tidbits, most of which were on the flier they gave us before the session.

Then off to lunch, and back to the dorm. There, I came by just in time to join the “Villa Drum Squad” on their first outing. Every home soccer game, and several other times, the Squad takes all the drums/noise-making things we can find, and goes to the field. Of course, they go the long way around, banging all the way around the campus, and through one of the buildings, too. Guaranteed to draw a bit of attention. They can’t seem to really keep a beat, but that’s half the fun. Apparently, there have even been some recruits that have joined up with UP soccer because of the squad, and the student support it represents.

There was a “Student Involvement” meeting, where the freshman were exposed to all the things there is to do outside of class and the requisite studying. The squad came, too. I happened by about the time they were leaving, and was handed a pair of drumsticks. Off we went. We entered the field in traditional fashion, banging as loud as we could, and running all the way to the spot the Squad always sits in. There was a relay at the halftime of the assembly, where the dorms all competed against one another. I’m told that Villa ALWAYS wins these, and today was no exception. The Villa team must have been ten feet ahead of the nearest team at the finish, and that’s saying something when the last leg is the wheelbarrow race. We ended up winning $200 towards the hall fund. I’m not sure what all that is used for, but $200 is nothing to scoff at, no matter what it’s for.

Then I did some other stuff, most of which I don’t remember. The came the Welcoming Mass. Quite a change from the mass I’m used to.

I guess i should stop and explain. I’m Catholic, as is UP. The Catholic mass will be the same wherever you go, except for a few parts that change from week to week. What I mean by different is that the choir must have had 40 members, plus an organ, piano, and half a dozen brass instruments. That will make the music sound different than when one man with a guitar sings it, as I am accustomed to. Plus, it’s a special mass, so there were 20 or so priests, and easily 700, maybe 1000 people. Again, a change from my small parish which draws from 100-150 people weekly.

Something rather trivial, but interesting, especially with the push towards using your time effectively that they’re giving us. There is a part of the mass, after the Our Father, where the priest says

Deliver us, Lord, from every evil,
and grant us peace in our day.
In your mercy keep us free from sin
and protect us from all anxiety
as we wait in joyful hope
for the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The priest today changed it to “…protect us from all undue anxiety…” Fitting, but something that jumped out at me.

There’s a dance tonight, I guess I’ll wander over in that direction, and see how badly I can damage my eardrums–the music is audible from my dorm.


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