Laying in bed, Nik nowhere to be seen-no curfew here-but sleep IS good. Looks like it’ll be till Sunday before I can post these. I tried to log on to the campus computers, but my logon or password doesn’t work. My tech orientation is 4:30 PM Sun, so I’ll learn then that my network password has not yet been set.

[Actually, I was using the wrong password–but now I got it figured out.]

I also learned today that UP provides a free copy of Norton AntiVirus and MS Office. Guess we’ll have Office for our home PC, too. I bought a copy of Office Pro, through my uncle, who works for HP. He can get it for $20–it costs over $200 in the store.

I also bought my computer through him–I didn’t get around to ordering until just recently, but finally did, and my guesstimate is an arrival date in the week of the 13-17. Until then, things are challenging in the Tech dept. I have some pictures I want to post, but cannot(I don’t think) do it until I get my computer…Maybe I can…hmm…..

I met lots of people yesterday (Fri) Andy, the RCC (Resident Computer Coordinator) may get a few visits from me. We have a DSL hookup in the dorm, as it is the second oldest on campus, and apparently not yet retrofitted for ethernet. Nik doesn’t have his computer up yet, but has his printer out. Actually, at this stage, he has a lot of stuff out. Apparently, in this wing of the hall, the cabinets are built differently, and the standard loftable beds the rest of the dorm and most of the campus has, don’t fit. That means to loft a bed, you have to build your own loft. Nik’s dad, Mike? (I think, too many names to keep straight), is going to build Nik’s loft before he leaves tomorrow–he bought the lumber, but I haven’t seen any work yet. The lumber is gone, though–it was in the room earlier.

Anyway, Nik has a lot of stuff out, most of which will go under his loft. Dad will build one for me at home, an bring it in next weekend, is the plan. I’ll probably see them [my parents] at lunch later today, and plans can be refined then.

I set up my voice mail today, I think. I tried once, and fouled it up to the point where the voice on the phone said ‘Invalid entry’ when you called my phone. call me, x1544 to find out. Nik still has to set up his.

Met a fellow I knew today–Russ M.— from Y&G. Seems nice enough–didn’t know him too well before–I have his room number, unless I transposed it before I write it down–I’ll have to keep in touch with him. He’s in my Intro to Engineering class this semester.

END post, Nik came in, and I was talking to him until I finally went to sleep, sometime after 2:00 am.

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