College?–and an Explanation

Brionna sent me an e-mail Wednesday, below:

“Hey! I tried to post on your blog, but it wouldn’t load the comment screen.

This must be really cool for you, being so close to moving off to college. You’re probably reading this from your dorm, since I doubt you’re taking the time to read emails when you still have so much to do.That’s the thing about going somewhere–you always find a million details you didn’t expect. You are staying in dorms, aren’t you? And did you ever talk to your roommate? What’s he like?

Again, I did try to post in your blog, but no luck. You mentioned a while back in your posts that you had a bunch of junk on your bed and had to clean it off to go to sleep. That just struck me funny, since I’ve been in the same situation twice in the last few weeks. Once I was leaving on a trip the next day, and I had my bag and piles of stuff that still needed packed on my bed, and I just went downstairs and slept on the couch. The other time I was just cleaning my room and had some laundry piled on there, and it seemed counterproductive to put it back on the floor, so I slept on the floor instead. You have a very different approach than I do.

I know that’s totally unrelated, I just wanted to share.

Hey, let me know how college life is treating you, what the campus is like, stuff like that. I want to know! Good luck, and I hope things are going well.”

In response–actually, last month I did go sleep on the couch, and decided to watch the late night show on the TV in there–my Mom noticed, and she doesn’t really like me doing things like that.

Actually, I guess its a circle. She doesn’t like them, so I sneak around doing them, but I don’t think she would mind if she knew that I was going to do them, which can’t tell her, because she would object because I’ve been sneaking around and doing them……..
Now when I say sneaking around, I mean around the house, as in getting on the internet at midnight, or watching late night TV, etc. Not the traditional meaning of ‘sneaking around’, I suppose, but that’s exactly what it is.

As to what things are like, read the following three posts. Neither they, not this post were actually posted when the time stamp says they were, but I wanted them to be stamped when I wrote them, and this one to come first.

One thing I don’t mention in the entry (I wrote these in a spiral notebook) is that I am in Villa Maria Hall, and my roommate is named Nik.
So enjoy–college life, from my perspective.

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