Currently sitting on bench outside quad. Lots to say, let’s see how much fits in.

We recently (11:00) finished with the traditional Mehling serenade. All the boys of Villa (men’s dorm) get together and serenade the girls of Mehling Hall (girls dorm). This time we sang “Too Good To Be True”. The girls really seem to love it. You would not believe the amount of screaming coming out the windows looking down on the quad–you would think they were at a concert or something! We added to it by doing the theatrical gesture of getting down on one knee and extending an arm upward as we sang the final line, “Let me love you” More wild screaming. Then we had a social on the quad. Otter pops and glow sticks were provided, and music courtesy of the Villan Sound system. I ‘mingled’ for a while, and repeated lots of people’s names (“I’m Ryan.” “Ryan. Nice to meet you, I’m Nathan.”), but all in all, not my cup of tea.

I’m told there’s a midnight showing of a highlights video of Villan activities from last year. Should be interesting. Notable activities I already know about, which I will undoubtedly expand upon later, are the Villan Drum Squad, the Man Auction Fund Raiser, and a relay.

The arrival here was an experience. There were signs all the way down from the freeway in, directing you to the dorms. The dorms seem to have had a competition. Various things, like the fencerow of Corrado signs and the Burma-Shave style Mehling Poem. Villa clearly lost the sign competition (if indeed there was one), but by no means does that indicate a lack of spirit.
As we arrived, we heard this dramatic, crashing music. Turns out, Villa Maria has christened themselves the Villans, or more descriptively, pirates.

[Edit: Actually, the pirate – Villan correlation was a coincidence. This year’s theme was pirates, last year’s theme was road construction. Most doors have a pirate themed label, and everyone has a skull and crossbones flag on the door, with their name and hometown. A few doors in the basement still sport the construction themed signs from last year, though.]

End of this entry, as I moved inside to watch the video.

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