New computer

Well, I finally made the choice of buying a computer, and decided to buy an HP. My uncle works for HP in vancouver, and he can get a 8% discount on anything he buys. I ended up buying a refurbished laptop, a copy of Windows (only $20), and a printer for around $750. The laptop is new, but has been returned to the factory because the previous owner didn’t want it. It should ship as soon as he orders it, and arrive by the end of next week. I’m excited!

This will likely be my last post before I get to school. Mom and I are doing last minute shopping tomorrow, and Thursday should be sufficiently chaotic to shut out any and all non-critical activity.

My schedule isn’t all that bad after the initial orentation weekend, 2 classes every day except Wednesday, when I have three. However, I expect that some of them will give quite a bit of homework. I have Calculus I, Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Engineering, Integrated Physics/Math, and US: Early America. That class could end up being a lot of work, as could any of the five.

So until later, I am signing off

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