Short Post

Well, I feel like i should write a short post, now that I have a chance. I’ve been meaning to write one for quite a while, but time has never quite allowed.

Let me begin, though, with a welcome to Stephanie, a friend of Cean’s, who we now know to be reading this weblog on a (somewhat) regular basis. Of course, that is likely due to the fact that I haven’t gotten around to posting in nearly a month.

As to that, I’ve been rather busy at school, and when I’m not working on homework, I’ve been doing lots of other stuff around the dorms. This week is fall break, giving me some time to catch up, and recuperate. I’ve been feeling a bit sick the last few days, and confirmed today that I’m running a fever of about 101°F. I really don’t feel that bad, just a bit chilled. And lazy–I spread fertilizer on the lawn this morning, a job of about 15 minutes, and then spent most of the afternoon reading (and finishing) a book. It’s called “The Golden Compass”, by Phillip Pullman, and is the first in a three part series. It was recommended to me by some friends at UP, and after reading this book, I will definitely continue trusting their recommendations. I’m looking forward to getting back to campus (I came home for the week, if you hadn’t already guessed) so I can check out the second book from the library.

Well, I should probably cut my post short, as I want to get some sleep, and maybe fight this off before I go back to school–it was going around before I left, and it tends to be a 2 week ordeal, with some pretty rough days. But that was during the week before break, when there were lots of midterms, and such. Maybe I can get enough sleep to make this not be so bad for me.

At any rate, I’m done for now. We’ll see when it is that I next get around to blogging.


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