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I was going to respond to Cel’s comment with a comment, but the answer grew far too large. And so we have a new post.

But first, a comment:

To my reader in the Olympia, Washington area–We’re curious to know who you are. We know how you first found my website, and that’s probably the most intriguing thing to Cean and I. Who are you? We’d like to know.

If you would, post a comment, email me (nathan AT or otherwise get in touch with Cean or me. We’re curious.

And now, on with the story.

To be brief, the interview went well, and I expect to hear from them sometime around the end of this week as to whether I got the job. At the time I interviewed, they had no other applicants, and the guy who had done it last year had to quit because it was too much work. (The responsibilities for this position have been reduced this year.) It’s a contract position, so I’m paid for 8 hours work/month, regardless of how much work I do. Shouldn’t really be a problem, though I expect to run through the hours for a few months all in the first few weeks, getting things back in shape. At the end of the interview, they mentioned that they’d had one other person express interest in the position, so there would be a delay before they made the hiring decision.

The people doing the interview (the station manager, and the student media advisor) seemed generally impressed with my experience, although I (and I told them this) don’t have much experience with server side stuff. But (and I also pointed this out) I have no training in HTML either, and was able to (in the manager’s words, make a site that “looks professional.” At any rate, a web tech who can do some web stuff is better than having no web tech and an outdated site (as they have now).

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