Finally, a post!

I’ve been meaning to post for quite some time now, but haven’t managed to take the time to do so yet. All in all I’ve been quite busy, what with moving in, serving on Saturday, organizing the room, meeting the new people (as well as some returners that I never met), going to classes, and actually starting on homework, and getting the tech situation all figured out.

I guess I’ll start from the top. I got here Saturday morning, and looked for somewhere to check in. No-one knew where for me to go, so I just went ahead and moved in, as I knew that I was cleared to do so, and Cean was already there, so I had access to the room. Later I went to get the key, and Tommy (the new hall director) went to see what information he had. I saw him checking e-mail, and on the phone, but I finally got my key. Apparently while Fr. Brad had gotten word from res-life that I was cleared for move-in, something wasn’t finished on their end, and the Hall Director never heard about that.

But in the end, all was good. I served the mass, and that evening, Cean and I spent the better part of two hours moving furniture, over and over, trying to determine which layout worked best. I’d brought a boockase he didn’t know about, and we have the couch that my RA Jake had last year, as he now has a futon. So the arrangement Cean had done beforehand had to be scrapped, but we eventually found a layout that really seems to work well. We have bunked beds, and the desks arranged in an L shape, under the window.

I’ve been slowly adding on to this post for the lasst few days, but in the interest of actually posting something, I think I’ll cut my chronological narritive short and just jump to the more interesting stuff.

I’d been planning to work on campus a bit this year, but I’m not too sure that’s going to happen. I applied at the front desk here in Villa, and found out today that (big surprise) I hadn’t gotten the job. I found out about the time they were conducting interviews that the way the quotas for freshmen versus returning students worked out, and how many of last year’s workers were coming back, I was somewhere around one of 18 applying for 2 positions. And I don’t have federal work study, so that was a strike against me to start with.

I got an offer to peer lead the calculus portion of the integrated Calc-Phys, and have responded with interest for that. I talked to the professor who teaches the class, (coincidentally, my Diff EQ teacher as well) and he said that they had already selected one leader, but would see if they had the need/funds for two. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I’m out there as well.

So now I need to assess if I want to work anywhere, if so where, and see if anyone is still hiring, of if it is all done with. But off to bed, in time for my Diff EQ class. I just love math at 9:15 in the morning.

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