The Countdown continues

I’m down to one night. The room is beginning to look pretty bare, as I have packed up most of the stuff that I’m taking, which is a lot of the stuff that’s been on the floor for so long. I still have a bit to pack up, and will be working on it until this evening.

Once I finish writing this post, I’m packing the computer until I arrive at UP, and get a chance to set it back up and use it. Could be a day or two, but likely only until Saturday evening. Cean’s already there, and called last night to let me know that I needed to bring an ethernet cord, as they were not provided this year. Last year they were. He was also checking to see if I had any ideas on how to organize the room, or if I minded if he went ahead and worked on it. I’ll see how it worked out when I get there.

I hear dinner being started, and I’ve been on longer than I intended to, so that’s all until I get back to school.


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