As I was coming in to work this morning, there was a bit of road construction. Actually, it turned out to be a crew painting the crosswalks. I had come in about 45 minutes early in order to enter vegetables for my mom at the county fair, which occurs Thursday through Sunday. At any rate, they were painting the crosswalk of Rock Creek Drive, which I wanted to turn onto. The flagger had his sign turned to SLOW, so I began to make my right turn. About that time, I noticed that there was another car coming my way, in my lane. So I stopped, the flagger looked at me rather strangely for not stopping sooner, and then all of a sudden, looked at his sign, and spun it around to read STOP.

I had suspected that he might be wrong, because the closure was so short, and I could see the other end, where the other flagger’s sign was also on slow (I could see the Stop side), so I was going very slow, and hadn’t gotten too close. The flagger got on his radio, and I was cleared to pass through as soon as the other car was out of the way.

Speaking of the fair, I work all those days, as we will be very busy at the store, what with everyone in town. The Sunday of fair is one week before my move-in date, and consequently my last day at work.

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