Dead battery

The Following text was written at about 11:54 pm last night.

Often after work, I park my car and use the free wireless in Stevenson to surf the net. Today was one of those days. Sometimes I leave the dome light on so I can see the keys, or whatnot. Today was also one of those days.

I was on longer than I usually am, today, and have nearly (also) depleted my laptop battery. But when I went to start my car to return home, the car wouldn’t start. I had one person try and jump me, but I wasn’t able to start it. I’m not positive that I grounded the negative properly. At any rate, they didn’t have a lot of time, so I gave up. Now my mom is en route from home to come, and maybe I will be able to start it this time. I’ll have more time, and all. If all else fails, then I’ll know that it wasn’t totally my fault for getting stuck, and I’ll get a ride home. But now I’ll sign off before my laptop dies

Of course, as I wrote the last letter you see, the battery went dead, and I didn’t have enough time to post it.

As it turned out, I tried to jump the car from the van, and I placed the cable near where I did before, moved it slightly, and I saw a spark. So I left the cable in that location, and the car started right up.

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