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[2008 Update: While th is post accurately documents how messy I was at the time, I would like to note that in the intervening years, I have gotten a fair bit cleaner. Not that I’m clutter free by any means, but this post is no longer representative of my living quarters]

I posted a request for pictures over a week ago, and received several requests from Celtic. At long last, here they are.

1 – your bedroom. What’s the real Nathan like?

When taking these pictures, I made no attempt to clean my room, or anything, so this is the real Nathan, as messy as I can sometimes be.

My BedroomThe first thing you see when you walk into my bedroom. At the far right, you can see my dresser, which used to be my grandpa’s. I have the same jean quilt bedspread, and you can see where all the stuff accumulates at the end of the bed. Behind that is the closet, again, quite messy. The models on the shelf are from way back, when I had an interest in them, but that faded after a few years. (I never painted any of them, just assembled them, and as soon as we finally got paint so I could do the next model properly, I got tired of them. The red and black rocket was made and launched once in middle school Tech Ed, and has never been launched since.

My deskThis is my desk, again quite messy. I stole the monitor from the old family computer, which we didn’t use anymore, and experimented with a two monitor setup. It’s interesting, but not really all that great, at least for me. To the left of the desk, I have a TV tray set up so that I have additional desk space, something that is always at a premium when you organize things the way I do. πŸ™‚ To the left, under the window, is my bookcases, with my printer and a lava lamp on top. This is almost all of my books, but most of the shelves are stacked two deep.

Behind my doorThis is the area behind my door, where my bulletin board is. I never got in the habit of using it for temporary things,but have several newspaper clippings tacked to the board, and lots more under my desk, in a tupperware tray/container. Tools also belong behind the door, and you can see the clothes that I have hanging on the wall.

2 – the view out your bedroom window.

my windowmy window

My window looks out into the back yard, which is to the South. The basement is too low to see the river, but you can see the mountains on the other side, which is in Oregon. There’s a hanging fuschia just outside my window, too. In the second picture, you can see the swingset (now a bit rickety) and shed, both off to the right. The garden is just over the crest of the hill over on the left half of the picture.

3 – your favourite thing

Question MarkThis one is harder than it looks. I’m tempted to claim my laptop, or a book, but I’m not sure, and I’m not sure that I like either of those answers, either. So for now, I’ll post this picture.

4 – any pets?

dirtWell, once upon a time, at the elementary school carnival, I won a certificate for three free goldfish, as did my sister. So we went to the pet store, and picked one up. As goldfish are prone to do, especially ones that live in tiny bowls, they died. So we buried them. They had names, but I don’t remember them. This is the approximate location of their grave.

5 – tit for tat β€” YOUR bathroom reading material stash πŸ˜›

magazines on toilet tankThis is the reading stash in the downstairs bathroom. It’s a religious magazine. Upstairs, it tends to be an old issue of Good Housekeeping, or some sort of women’s magazine, which occasionally contain articles of interest to me. I’m amazed at how many covers will have a story like “Lose Weight–The Easy Way”, and then the cover picture is of a chocolate cake, with the caption “18 Delicious Deserts, Inside!” I just don’t get that.

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  1. I love it! You have “women’s” magazines for your bathroom reading, and I have “men’s” magazines. Sooo funny! And I never really thought about the irony in those magazines, but it’s so true. Hey, look at all these great desserts….and now feel the pressure to be super-skinny!

    Love the messy room, btw … now we know what the *real* Nathan is like πŸ˜›

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