Less more

So I was talking to my sister while I was eating dinner tonight, and all of a sudden, I asked this question.

“Why are you challenging that your brain is not less more than mine?”

Isn’t that absolutely clear what I was trying to ask? See if you can’t guess.

As soon as I post pictures of my room, I begin to rearrange it. The desk is now under the window, and the bookshelves have moved slightly. Not sure if I like this arrangement all that well. or not, but it will do for a while. The cord situation is a lot better than it was before, where they all hid out in a huge rat’s nest next to the desk. I can’t live with tangled cords for very long before I decide to straighten them, or rearrange the components so that the cords reach better.

Since I know that the quote is too strange to understand, here’s the background. My sister was complaining that after she came home from her summer job, her brain was all tired out. I claimed that I do more thinking ad brain work than she does. She said that she didn’t think so, and the topic got changed. A few minutes later, I decided to ask why it was that she disagreed, but ended up with the well structured sentence you see above.

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