How Dumb Can you Get?

About 20 minutes ago, a man came into the store, and talked to Troy. Troy then had Charlie take over for him, and told the man to “try and stall him while I call the cops”. He called, and there were shortly several cops congregating around the bank.

We have since learned that a man was trying to rob another man at the Riverview ATM, and was caught by the cops. But robbing a man at an ATM, during the evening, and just across the street and around a corner from the Courthouse (where the sherrif’s department is headquartered)? Dumb.

He was caught, but that’s all I know. More details as they develop.

Edit 7/22: To reiterate how close he was to the Courthouse, here is a picture I took after work that day.
The ATM and CourthouseThe ATM is in the yellow circle, and the white building just barely visible over the bank (red arrow) is the courthouse. The county jail is the pink arrow, just showing through the trees.

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