Brat Camp

ABC has a new show on to replace Dancing with the Stars. It’s called Brat Camp. The basic premise is that nine troubled teenagers from age 14 to 17 are taken out to the desert of Eastern Oregon, for a 40+ day camp. They don’t leave the camp until they have resolved their issues, whatever they were.

When it was promoed, it looked like ABC just decided to make Survivor:Troubled Teens, but it’ s actually a business that does this stuff on a regular basis. It’s called SageWalk, and they have counselors, and trained staffers in camp at all times.

I’ve watched the two-hour premiere, and the first episode this week, earlier tonight. I think that it will turn out to be a good program, and I will definitely keep watching. There’s a bit of drama added into the promos that doesn’t actually happen in the show, and they show several of the same clips over and over, but overall, I like it. You see the kids’ problems, and watch them begin to resolve them, or in some cases, watch as they avoid confronting their problems at great expense to themselves (Jada). I’ve actually begun to like some of the teens, despite their mis-deeds.

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