[Photos] Franz at Night

Franz Hall, at night.

Taken last fall.

I’m trying to create a subcategory of my blog for the photos, which will automatically publish here. For those who like wandering around in works-in-progress, here it is. Now I just need to get the publish by mail working properly.
[Edit: I have since switched to WordPress, and made this post irrelevant.]

3 thoughts on “[Photos] Franz at Night

  1. “Now I just need to get the publish by mail working properly. ”

    You could always switch to WordPress. The publish by mail works extremely well, and the category creation is even easier.

    Great shot, btw.

  2. I was wondering if anyone was going to mention WordPress. The thing is, it reqires PHP, and I discovered after I bought my hosting that my plan does have “PHP”, but only about 5 scripts provided by them. In the next few months, I’ll probably be changing plans again. Even though I haven’t really had any problems with blogger’s unreliabilty, aside from the comments breakdown, it does seems to be having more and more problems.
    I’ll figure it out, one way or another.

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