Founders Day

Today was Founders Day here, so we didn’t have class. There were several sessions, where Seniors from various majors presented things about their senior project. I went to two of the four Engineering sessions. I had thought about going to the one at 9 this morning, and actually set my alarm so I would be up in time to attend, but decided when I got up that I wasn’t that interested in going and slept for another hour. I went to see one of the 10:15 sessions, and got there a few minutes late. There were a bunch of people crowded around outside the door the website said the presentation was in, and I decided I didn’t want to bother going through all that hassle, especially because I wasn’t sure if I could go in late, or if they were also waiting for a good time to enter. I wandered a bit, and found a paper program. I determined that the presentation was actually in a different room, and so I went to see it. I saw about half of one group’s presentation, about a highway intersection realignment, and all of the second group’s, about a aerial tram connecting the two campuses of a local teaching hospital, OHSU. One campus is at the top of a hill, and the other is at the bottom, near the river an across the interstate highway. There are currently plans to build a tram, but this group designed their own. It was actually pretty interesting. Then lunch, and then I went to another session, this time presenting a remotely controlled submarine and a web based schedule forecasting program. The idea being that if students plan out their entire schedule a few years in advance, they can check for conflicts, and faculty can see which courses will be in demand which semesters, and can see how many students are planning on taking specific combinations of classes in a certain semester, therefore minimizing time conflicts. The software isn’t completely done yet, and I doubt that I’ll be using this program anytime soon, but it’s sure a good idea.

I also went to see the mock-trial program put on a umm…Mock Trial. Interesting, and something I might look into to get involved with. More likely not, but it does look like a bit of fun.

I wrote the following yesterday, but forgot to publish it. I think there was some sort of point that I was getting to, but it is now lost forever.

The weather here the last few days has been pretty erratic. This afternoon is beautiful, and I took several pictures around campus that will be posted in the coming days, but I’m going to go on a bike ride while the weather holds. Yesterday, we had a few downpours, followed by sunbreaks, followed by hail, followed by whatever hadn’t happened in the last few hours, and so on. Today was supposed to be more of the same, but it looks good for now. We’ ll see if I regret this this evening. I’m taking the camera, but my destination is to Fred Meyer. I actually might continue on to St. Johns park again, this time in the daylight, depending on weather and how I’m holding up. Anyways, I’m off.

[Edit 4:36 pm: As soon as I got out the door, I realized that it was starting to rain. And the incoming clouds were solid gray. I guess I missed my chance.]

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