One More Inch

Okay, this one needs an explanation. Cean W. (my roommate next year), and Matt K. are trying to put the velcro covered bean bag they’re holding on the central velcro thing, and whoever puts it further wins. The bungee is quite strong. It looks like Cean (left) is winning by a mile, but he actually only won by a fraction of an inch, as Matt kept on chugging. A photo finish.

[Edited to put the missing words into the sentence, and to fix the link to the large picture.]

2 thoughts on “One More Inch

  1. Nope! Same reason as before–I take pictures of other people, and when I’m doing it, if anyone is taking the pictures, it’s not with my camera. Although I do have a pic of the Happy Birthday sign that was posted at the hall front desk and in the commons.

    I did go bungee racing though, and I fell back, and hit the back of my head on the floor. Even though it’s inflatible, it can still hurt a bit. Apparently, my elbow hit the guy I was racing in the forehead pretty good.

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