My Birthday Details

So after I posted the last post, I had Physics, and then went to dinner with a whole bunch of people. I’m starting to become friends with this crowd, and hanging out with them is fun. After dinner, I was in my room playing a video game when Andy, Jake, and I think Michael came in and started shooting me with a little cap gun. (Jake bought a few at the dollar store the other day, and there have been several minor skirmishes in the last few days.) I think I mentioned Jake having shot at me early in the morning. Someone tosssed me a gun, shouting “defend yourself” I started shooting at them, and they ran down the hall. I chased them, and soon we were out into the lobby. Then Jake looked inside, because the doors were closed, and said something like “the obsticle course isn’t quite ready” I didn’t know anything about an obsticle course, but it sounded decent, and then Jake said that Andy and I should go in one door, and he and the other preson would go in the other. We went in, and I saw that the couches had been moved a bit. Then everyone stood up from behind the couches and said “Happy Birthday”.

It was a surprise party. All told, there were about 20 or so there, and they had a cake and a card. We ate some cake, and everyone was still shooting at one another. There was also a pillow fight. About the time the cake was served, my parents called me from San Diego on their vacation. I talked a few minutes, and returned to the party. I called them back later for a longer chat.

All in all, it was a really good birthday. Having that many people show up for my birthday really is a boost to the self esteem. I really like it here.

2 thoughts on “My Birthday Details

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It’s good to be remembered, I’m glad you had fun. Too bad I didn’t come back from the dead a few days earlier to congratulate you on time.

    And it was cool bumping into you at Knowledge Bowl. Sorry I couldn’t stick around and chat, but the team all came in the same car. How did you sister’s team do?

  2. Thanks.

    Yeah, I figured that you’d came as a group. I didn’t see your comment here before, so I posted some details in a comment on your blog, but the short of it is they placed 3rd. I also wrote an overblown entry about it, in the “April fools” post. For having cruddy teams three years ago, no team two years ago, and having a JV team last year, 3rd isn’t bad. Of course–it’s mainly due to one person, who graduates next year. Then, it’s probably back to mediocre teams.

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