I am trying to see if I can e-post from Yahoo! e-mail.

As long as I’ve got a box open, I may as well write for a while. My website is in need of some more work, I just noticed (and fixed) today that my Governor’s Ball gallery page didn’t have any pictures on it, because of a coding error. And I thought it was because I hadn’t loaded all the pictures to my new server. It took all of three miutes of troubleshooting to get the gallery online, and another five to transfer most of the pics.

And any budding webmaster out there, DON’T use GeoCities. I transfered five (admittedly large) pictures from their server, and I maxed out my bandwith for an hour. GeoCities looks good at first, but take the plunge and find a slightly better host. May I recommend aloofhosting? (Look where I’m at.)

[EDIT 11/10/2004: AloofHosting closes its doors Dec 15. Other hosts that seem decent are SiteSled and 100Webspace.]

OKay, enough technical stuff. Now I get to test this darn e-mail system again.

Well, the e-mail bounced back as undeliverable, so I guess I will be posting manually.

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