Runaway … Ending?

I rented Runaway Jury this weekend, and you know what?  I read the book, and I was surprised at the ending.  Why do they feel that when they make a movie, they can change it however they like? Not that the new ending was worse, it was just different.

Oh, wait. If they change the ending on all of Grisham’s films, then they can still the books, and say that you don’t really know what happens. It’s probably all part of some evil profit-making plot. Got to love profit, I guess.

Just some thoughts for today, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Runaway … Ending?

  1. I actually sent this one via e-mail around 6:00, but it didn’t show up. I copied and pasted it to the actual editor. Guess I’m in for some more troubleshooting.

  2. It kinda bugs me when they mess with books in the screenplay form. I wish they could just produce the book as it was in my head, but I’m perfectly aware that’s neither feasible nor desibrable to most people (though many have wished in vain for a peek inside my twisted brain). However, I heart John Cusack, so it’s all good. That’s right, I HEART him. I don’t know why, but that’s the phrase I usually wind up using–I’m very fond of him, and he seems like a cool guy. Whatever, I know you don’t really care, so I’ll move on. You do know this is Brionna, right?

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