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Okay, so here’s some of the pictures requested. (All are thumbnailed, click on the small image for a larger one. I try and be considerate to those using dial-up, as I use it myself 5 months out of the year.)

Without further ado:

My DeskMy desk. The closet next to the desk, with the Jim Morrison poster, is Nik’s. Can you see the general clutter? In this particular picture, the desk was so cluttered, I had a clipboard propped across the top drawer to provide a surface for the mouse!

CordsThere are a lot of cables running around on my desk. They connect to my printer, palm, cell phone, calculator, mouse, and camera, although not all of them are connected at any given time. The power strip visible hanging in the corner is because the only plugs at the window end of the room are on the wall mounted desk lights–currently the fans are plugged into a power strip that’s just off to the right, on the windowsill. Nik’s side has an extra power strip that powers his desk, the phone, networking equipment, and our (really his) stereo, TV, and Xbox.

my loftThe loft: This is what it looks like from the center of the room. The surface of the mattress is about 6 feet off the floor, and the headspace underneath is a bit more than 5 feet, plenty to sit comfortably, and access any area underneath, but not stand without damage to your skull, as we have both discovered. Getting in and out of bed is not that much of a problem, just takes a bit of skill. I tend to throw a pillow off the edge in the morning and jump off onto it. Hitting the floor without the pillow can hurt, if done improperly.

We have the (his) microwave and fridge under my loft, and you can just see my radio, which really is in a bad spot, and my alarm clock. I have to lean over the edge to turn it off in the morning, which causes me to at least wake up somewhat. I’d like to put it way across the room, both so I can see it at night, and so I will have to wake up more to turn it off, but it would take so long for me to shut it off, I would guarantee that I woke up Nik. So I just wear my watch at night, and deal with the rest. The clock is visible from everywhere else in the room except my bed.

the bed up closeThis is what the area above the loft looks like. The clearance to the ceiling is about two and a half feet. Enough to crawl comfortably, and to sit somewhat, but I can’t sit fully upright on top. I nailed another board to the post so there’s a place to mount the lamp, which I use while reading in bed. I took the door off of the cabinet next to my bed so I would have a ledge to put things on near my bed. Nik’s bed is next to his desk, so he has his top shelf.

(I should mention, the University provides most people with bedframes that can be lofted easily, and safely. However, the wing I am in has the bed cutout (and desk) built in, and the University’s bedframes are about 5 inches too long for the space. So you get a standard bedframe, and the option to build your own loft, which I did. Actually, my dad built it at home the first week of school, as we only live an hour away, and that was more efficient than trying to compete with everyone else to build onsite. So no, Cel, it’s not one of those ones with the desk underneath. But I wish it was.)

view, at night This is a view out my window at 2 in the morning. The window overlooks the Willamette River, which is entirely industrial at this point. The campus is on a bluff above the river, and the Swan Island Industrial Park, or whatever it’s called.

view, by dayOnce the sun comes up, it looks more like this. Not quite what you’d expect from a bluff overlooking a river, but still quite a view.

On to Kitten’s questions.

my closetThe closet has hang-up shirts, and slacks. I have about 7 good dress shirts, and several knit pullover shirts. I’ll occasionally wear one for no reason, but usually they’re reserved for a situation when you’re told to dress better than normal, and to church and stuff.

the drawers On an ordinary day, I’ll just wear a pair of black jeans and a colored t-shirt. They used to be the general k-mart cheapies, but lately I’ve been trying to get ones that are at least a bit thicker. When I was in middle school (only 5 years ago, believe it or not) and earlier, I almost always wore shirts I’d gotten doing certain activities, such as a fundraiser, or a camp, or something of the like. I’ve never been a big fan of shirts with witty sayings, or corporate logos. Anyway, I shifted to solid colored t-shirts, and that’s fine with me. I’ve been getting into a mix now, but it’s still just t-shirts. If it’s cold, add a sweatshirt (which must be called a hoodie in California). To the right, you can see my drawers, with t-shirts, socks, and jeans. If anyone cares/is still with me after this long, the top drawer is where the razor, toothbrush, comb, and easy-mac go. Yeah, for some reason, they’ve taken to living together. 🙂

As to wall coverings, I really didn’t bring much with me to college. Nik brought a bunch, and as a result, most of the stuff up is his. But the thing that visitors seem to comment on most is the “Earth at Night” poster I got in the Nov. National Geographic. I used to subscribe, on my parents tab, and it’s quite interesting, but not enough to pay for it myself, so I stopped getting it this year.

One last picture. I took a bunch of pictures of the room, and stitched them together into a panorama. The Earth at night poster is right in the middle, and it came out kind of weird, as did the TV. I’m not sure how it will display, so here’s a link to it.

To the left of the door, you can see the sink. To the right, next to the fridge, you can just see the sheet, waiting until the linen exchange.

I originally had more here, but then Blogger had a duplicate post, and I deleted one. Apparently, I deleted the one that was longer. It was just rambling, anyway, about that I was posting it at 3 am, and had been working on it for an hour and a half. But now, I’m really going to bed. Even if the blog gets messed up, I’ll fix it in the morning.

[EDIT 2/13: Added the daylight picture.]

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  1. Ooh very cool. I wish I’d had a sink in my room — I would have been all set and never (well, rarely) have to leave it. I had the whole fridge and micro thing, but no sink. Too bad they aren’t digital pics or I’d show what my res rooms looked like.

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