Google Hit

I just got a Google hit on one of my blog archives. The hit was from Iran! And they were searching for the word “brofe”. I think that must mean something to them, but to me, it’s just what happens when you carelessly try and type “broke” and confuse the K for the F. I’ve always had that problem occasionally, switching those two characters when typing. Don’t ask why, I can’t tell you.

I think I’ll start using the spell checker more often….

3 thoughts on “Google Hit

  1. Isn’t it funny how quickly blogs get picked up by google (and msn search)? I’m not sure if I like it or not — mine might be a little too easy to find. Not too sure about the hit off “adult: men in pantyhose wearing ladies shoes” either. Oh my! lol

  2. Yeah–my other blog was on google for a while. I read up on robots.txt then.

    And you may have noticed another hit on a similar search. I couldn’t figure out what you would have wrote that would have had those keywords.

    About 6 hours after I posted that one, I got a hit, and the ISP turned up as “U.s. Senate Sergeant At Arms”, with a location of “Washington Dc, Washington, United States” I’m not quite sure what to make of that one. The search was for the exact text of one of the stupid quotes, about the US Senate. I guess the sergeant was boered at work?

  3. “I guess the sergeant was boered at work?”

    LOL yeah, wouldn’t you be bored there too?

    As you can tell from the search you did, it was totally and completely innocent. At least I’m fairly certain it was……

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