Pictures (again)

As recently seen on Cel’s Blog, I am also doing a pictures meme.

Now that I’m home, I thought I’d try this again. Here’s how it works: You request one or more pictures of things/places/sights here at home–people do not count. I take the pictures and post them. Sound fair? Alright, let’s go!

3 thoughts on “Pictures (again)

  1. one or more photos, hmm….no, I’m not going to ask for many *arranges hair to hide devil horns*

    1 – your bedroom. What’s the real Nathan like?
    2 – the view out your bedroom window.
    3 – your favourite thing
    4 – any pets?
    5 – tit for tat — YOUR bathroom reading material stash 😛

  2. Yeah, so’s the real Cel. I’ve been known to just sweep everything off of the flat surfaces and into a laundry basket to shove in the closet when I know someone will be seeing my room (and DANGIT! it was revealed when I had to go searching for a CD for Pat. LOL don’t know why I bother).

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