I’ve started several posts talking about the last few days of school, after finals were done, but I can’t motivate myself to talk about it. Must mean that it would be too boring to read, so I guess I won’t post it. I’ll just say that I had mixed feelings about leaving for the summer, and will certainly be glad come August 28 when I get to see everyone again.

Still thinking about that Youth and Gov trip. I had been hoping to travel along with the high school, and be some sort of an “advisor”, but the state office for the program mandates that “advisors” have been out of high school for a year at least. Maybe next year. I still want to go, and have been thinking about driving up for a day and just being a random visitor. Cean, my roommate for next year, lives about 10 minutes from the capitol campus, so I’ve been trying to call him today to see if I can maybe spend Thursday night with him. Makes things a bit easier, and I can spend a night without paying for a hotel. He hasn’t been answering his cell, so maybe I need to look up his home number and try him there. I think I’ll call Sunday afternoon. I’m just a bit concerned about the short notice. I really didn’t think of staying with him until Friday, so we’ll see how this progresses. My mom’s not terribly wild about me setting off on a trip all by myself, but I’ve gone there three years in a row, so I know the area, and I’m old enough to wander Portland on my own if I so choose, and she realizes that. If I’m staying with Cean, I think she’ll be more comfortable about the whole thing, and I still haven’t decided for sure that I’m going. If I get a hold of Cean, and they’re ok with me staying the night, I’m going, otherwise I’m not totally sure.

Not a whole lot else going on. Unpacking continues next week, and I intend to sort through the stuff that has been sitting unused in my room all year and see what I really need. Other than that and Y&G, my week is pretty empty. I start work at the store again on Wednesday the 11th or so, but until then, I’m mainly poking around the house, setting up and sorting out my room, and generally being lazy. At least until Mom decides that I’ve had enough.

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