I feel like I ought to do a quick post

I feel like I ought to do a quick post, if not just to let everyone know that I’m still alive. I’ve been busy the last few days, working at the store, and doing two days’ work for Ray, the man from church that I mentioned earlier. He paid me for the work, which turned out to be mainly moving LOTS of wood chips from a pile in his driveway, and spreading them in his flowerbeds and yard. It’s not that hard, physically, but doing it for 5 hours makes you tired. (He starts at about 5 in the morning, so by the time I got there both days, there was only about 5 hours left in his workday.)

Not a whole lot else going on. Tomorrow at church is the “Never On Mother’s Day Mother’s Day Breakfast”, a longstanding tradition. This year they have recruited the high-school age kids from the church to work as servers, while some of the men do the cooking. I’ve been asked to help with the serving, so that happens tomorrow.

I’ve been slowly cleaning my room, I expect that I should have most of my stuff unpacked by the time I go back to UP. 🙂 Honestly, I don’t know where to put part of the stuff, but I’ve been going through all my old high school stuff and tossing some of it. The trick is to sort through it long enough after you did it that you don’t remember what it was, and soon enough that you can still throw it away and not feel like it is some sort of antique, or keepsake. I have two boxes of papers under my bed full of that sort of thing, and all sorts of papers from high school. I know I’m probably never going to use them for anything, but I want to keep them anyway. Oh well, sooner or later, I’ll probably just decide to throw it all out.

I suspect that this summer, I will be posting less, unless things happen. At this rate, there won’ t be much news this summer, which means not much to write about. So until next time, whenever that is.


3 thoughts on “I feel like I ought to do a quick post

  1. Good to know you’re still alive and kicking. I think everyone has a collection a papers like that tucked away somewhere. I finally got rid of all my high school stuff just last year. And the recycling bin has never been SO full!

  2. Yeah, I have one of those cans that come with three flavors of popcorn in them in my room to use for recycling, and I filled it up two or three times.

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