Dead Week

Being that finals are next week, I probably won’t be doing much with the website in the next few days. I have a project due Thursday for my engineering course, but it is simply to turn in corrected versions of three assigments done over the course. They were done on computer, so it should be pretty simple.
Then on Friday, I have a 5-6 page paper about the book we read in English. He mentioned earluer in the year that he would push it out until the time alloted for that class’s final, which is next Monday, but last Monday, he seemed to have changed his mind.
Also on Friday, I have due the last CS program, but it looks like it might be pretty complicated. The paper is due by 5pm, and the CS program is due by midnight, via e-mail.

Then the exams. Monday at 8:00 is english, but the paper is the final for that class. At 10:30, I have the Physics final. 8:00 Tuesday is my Calculus final, and the CS final is at 10:30 Tuesday. At 12:30 Tuesday, I am done with all work for the semester.

Not sure how long I am staying on here–I don’t want to leave too early, so maybe wednesday or thursday. I still have to pack up everything in the room, so I do need some time, and I will probably want to sleep sometime. Of course, if I get packed, I can sleep at home too…

At any rate, I best get to bed so that I can get a good start in the morning. I may post updates as things get completed, if I feel like it.

Until next week,

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