Categories Working

This post relates to the categories I was trying to set up on my Blogger blog, which I have since abandoned.

I have now made the categories work. It took a bit of fooling around, and anyone who came by in the middle would have seen quite a mess. At one point, blogger posted a message to my blog informing me that it thought that my post-by-mail post was spam. It didn’t reply to my e-mail, it just posted it straight to my blog. I also posted some of the things more than once, as anyone reading my blog by RSS probably knows. Now, it works satisfactorily, the only thing that is a bit odd will be the double “posted by” line at the bottom, but there’s not much that can be done about that.

Anyway, now that categories are up, the Photos link over to the side will have the photos I post, and nothing else. Everything will still be posted on the main blog, though. I could do a few more categories now that I have it figured out, but all I was trying to do was to be able to automatically have a list of all the pictures I post to the blog.

I also have been posting the pictures to the galleries section of my website, if appropriate. I set up a new “Around Campus” page for those pictures, too.

[Edit 4/19: For some reason, a few of the ones I forwarded through my computer seems to have gotten stuck in Outlook, and every now and then, it decides to forward them to my blog again. I’m in the process of stopping this, and will remove them as they happen, but if you see strangely formatted posts with e-mail addresses in them, that’s what happened.]

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