I want to say _something_, but I’m too lazy to type much.

A bit of explanation about the camping trip. The Villa Bible Study, called “Stible Buddy” for reasons that go back longer than I’ve been here, decided that it would be cool to go camping for the first weekend in spring break. The plans came about on kind of short notice, so there were about 10 of us that ended up going, as well as one person from the Christie Hall Bible Study (CHUBS, but the origin of the U is unknown) who was able to make it. Five from Villa came back Sunday leaving 6 there last night.

We about 1:30 Monday afternoon. Having no major homework, I hung out with several of the people who had gone camping, and a few others that are still in Villa. We went on a quest to find a copy of “Karate Kid”, which somehow became the video everyone wanted to rent, and also got Pizza. I’d never seen the movie, but it was decent. It ended way too fast, though. The whole movie is building up to the competition, and the movie ends as soon as the final point is scored. No awards, no wrapup with the guy who lost, or the sensei, just the end credits. That bothered me.

We got to watching flash videos from the internet, and then other stuff. I’ll post more about the campout later, after I go home, and have had a chance to unpack and decide what all is interesting enough to mention. I’m leaving here late Tuesday morning, and have a bunch of stuff that I should pack. I’m looking forward to sleeping on a real mattress tonight, and going home to MY mattress should be even better.

I also asked Cel for five questions to answer, as part of the latest craze to hit the blogosphere. They are below, as a teaser. Answers will likely be posted before I resume classes next Monday.

1. You’re at an ice cream bar, with every type of ice cream and topping imaginable. What do you put on your sundae?

2. What’s your favourite colour, and why?

3. How would your closest friend/family member describe you? How would you want them to describe you?

4. What tv show do you never miss? What’s the big attraction to it?

5. What are your top 5 books of all time?

Some of these will require a bit of thinking. I will put some thought into these, though.



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