Time for another content update. I know that if I don’t do it tonight, I won’t get to it for another quite a while. There’s a bunch of stuff going on this weekend, and I need to sit down and finish an essay for a scholarship application. I’ve already got someone working on a letter of recommendation, so I definitely have to get this off. That and my mom is threatening me if I don’t. I need to get a good quality essay, too. There’s also an all hall (but optional) service project tomorrow morning, which I may attend, and my uncle has invited me to his house for dinner Sunday. Which reminds me, I need to remember to call him back about that. I told him that I was interested, and he mentioned picking me up here, but we never finalized a time or location.

I’ve been doing a lot of writing this week. I have a partial draft of the scholarship essay, and Monday, I got my first essay back from my English class. He didn’t like the paper terribly well, partly due to paragraph structure, partly due to a thesis he thought was too specific, and partially because it was about 4 lines short of filling the third page. I got a C-, with instructions to resubmit the paper on Wednesday. He suggested I visit the writing center to get help on the paper, which I did Monday evening. Rewriting the paper was made more difficult by the fact that I got the paper back exactly one month after I last turned it in. On the flip side, I was able to look at the paper from a new angle.

I turned it in Wednesday, and I now have the potential to score as high as a B-. The paper is one of two shorter ones for the class, and there is one longer paper for as the take-home final. He has said that a good second paper and final leaves open the possibility of an A- in the class, but it looks more likely that I’ll get a B or lower. While I’m told is not unusual for college, I still prefer getting an A to a B.

As a side result of all this thinking and writing, every time I tried to answer Kitten‘s five questions I just didn’t feel like doing them. So no, they aren’t forgotten, just greatly delayed.

The last few weeks, I’ve been suffering from some sort of laziness disease. Sometimes, I just don’t want to do my work, and I feel like I should just go to bed. This happens more often in the afternoon, so perhaps, I’m just down on sleep. It’s not spring fever, because I don’t want to go outside, although I do like getting out in the nice weather. It can’t possibly be senioritis, as I’m nowhere close to graduating. It’s spilling over to other things, too. I would like to get a decent blog post going, but I just don’t feel like it. Midway through this post, I just got up and left, going to the Cove for a snack. Then I got back, and talked to people for a few minutes, and finally got back. All I can muster the urge to write is this last paragraph. I’m warning you now, future updates may be a while on coming. (Of course, by posting this, I virtually guarantee that I will have 2-3 posts in the next week.) At any rate, it’s off to bed for me.


3 thoughts on “Apathy?

  1. “The last few weeks, I’ve been suffering from some sort of lazyness disease.”

    It always hits me about this time of year too, so you’re not alone. I always put it down to spring fever, despite the lack of desire to get outside. Why are schools stupid enough to have all the projects and stuff pile up right when students are hit by spring fever?

  2. I’ve felt like that since this time last year, after I finished the Shadow Line scripts. I just can’t get started on anything, even stuff for the site.

  3. And yet you always seem to have new stuff up on your site, Ben.

    PDPForum – ‘Home of the Slackers ‘ Nahhhh Not nearly as catchy as the ‘Sworn Enemy of All Other Dance Parties’.

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