5000 Hits, milestones

I had my 5000th hit on my website at 4:27 (Pacific) today! (I first created my site sometime in late January or early February 2004, but had less than 300 hits, including my own, when I moved to Statcounter in May 2004.) Not bad, considering the ammount of content on my site! And I just discovered I have another e-milestone coming up! < This is my 99th blog post, which means (obviously), that whatever I post next will be my 100th! Edit: Upon recounting, I realized that I counted one post twice, and messed up the mental math by one, and this is only my 97th post. I guess I have a bit more time to think up something fitting.

2 thoughts on “5000 Hits, milestones

  1. Actually, I can tell from the user tracks that the person who left the comment two hours ago (Cindy-Lou) was indeed the same person as number 5000.

    Congratulations! Sorry, no prizes though.

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